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International Operation
  • Operaciones Guatemala
  • Operaciones El Salvador
  • Operaciones Honduras
  • Operaciones Nicaragua
  • Operaciones Costa Rica
  • Operaciones Panamá
  • Operación República Dominicana
  • Operaciones Ecuador
  • Operaciones Colombia
  • Cubrimiento México
  • Cubrimiento Venezuela
  • Cubrimiento Perú
  • Cubrimiento Bolivia
  • Cubrimiento Uruguay
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Executive, buying, finance and production department

Our muscle: making the proposal real until the very last minute with maximum perfection.

The heart of Pidamos, the bond between several departments is what makes it all possible. This department is in charge of the moment of truth, the implementations go beyond delivering what was planned and it’s always generating solutions to achieve Pidamos’ ultimate goal: the client’s happiness.